Tory Krone, AM, LCSW

Proactive Therapist Chicago - Tory Krone

Tory is the founder of Proactive Therapy, a licensed clinical therapist, and managing director of the practice. Tory obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Duke University and completed a post-graduate program at Georgetown University on the Science of Effective Human Development.  For graduate school, at The University of Chicago, Tory pursued a dual administrative and clinical advanced degree, which furthered her desire to facilitate change on both macro and micro levels.

Tory spent three years of postgraduate work training extensively in the latest forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This included two years of training under a University of Chicago Professor in a comprehensive DBT/ACT outpatient program, and one on one training with Dr. John Forsyth, renowned author and ACT trainer.  In addition to her work as an individual, couples, and group therapist across the whole continuum of care, she has taken on leadership roles in outpatient, partial hospital, and residential treatment settings.

Most recently, Tory was the Clinical Director of a treatment center located in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  In this role, she was responsible for developing the clinical program, supervising all clinical staff, and overseeing all operations.  Prior to that role, she was the Director of Clinical Training of Timberline Knolls, a nationally renowned residential treatment facility for women with co-occurring disorders, and was on the faculty of their Clinical Development Institute. Tory was responsible for training other clinicians and gave national presentations on the use of ACT and DBT in the treatment of eating disorders, co-occuring disorders, addictions, and trauma.

Tory is passionate about staying at the forefront of behavioral health research and innovation in order to provide unparalleled, evidence-based care to all Proactive clients. Clinically, she is interested in integrating contextually rooted behavioral therapies, particularly ACT and DBT, to help clients address and undermine the factors which fuel and maintain their unworkable patterns.  

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