What is ACT?

What do you think of when you think about “going to therapy?” If you’re like me, your mind might go to the image of laying on a couch and talking to a therapist about your childhood, the dream you had last night, or the latest argument you got into with a friend or partner.

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Victoria KroneACT, Therapy
Eating Disorders Breed Disconnection

Decades of research has shown that social connections are as important to our survival and wellbeing as the need for food, safety, and shelter. It makes perfect sense that we are motivated to do whatever we can to fulfill our need to belong.

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Victoria Krone
Letting Go of Your Inner Critic

Last week I was facilitating a weekly group for six of my clients—all very high-functioning 20 and 30 something women. All of these women have successful careers, multi-faceted interests, and numerous accomplishments. All of them tell themselves they are not good enough.

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Ali Wright
The Problem with the Pursuit of Happiness

Most people enter therapy with the goal of feeling better. Many of my clients tell me, “I just want to be happy.” Makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to feel happy? But what if I told you, that in order to feel happy, we also need to be willing to feel pain. In other words—we can’t “feel better” without first getting better at feeling.

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